Some common terms you may read throughout this doc or as you interact with the Xip Kit community.
  • message - An incoming message from a user. A message and a reply are counterparts.
  • reply - An outgoing message from your bot. A message and a reply are counterparts.
  • service message - This is the long version of message. You will likely only see this referenced when developing your own Xip Kit components.
  • current_message - This is object that contains the service message. It's available within all controller actions. More info can be found in the controller docs.
  • component - Components are the individual building blocks of Xip Kit. Xip itself is the core framework that handles webhooks, replies, etc. Components allow Xip to connect to messaging platforms, NLP providers, and more. Each component is offered as a separate Ruby gem.
  • message platform - Message platforms are the platforms where your bot interacts with its users. E.g., Facebook Messenger, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack, etc.
  • NLP - natural language processing. This is the AI subfield that encompasses taking unstructured text (like messages from users) and extracting structured concepts. NLP in Xip is achieved through components.
  • NLU - A subclass of NLP. More aptly describes the type of NLP you'll want to perform with Xip, but NLP is the more commonly used term.
  • session - Sessions allow your Xip bot to recognize subsequent messages from users. It keeps track of where in the conversation each of your users currently reside.
  • MVC - A software design pattern. It's not critical to understand this to get going, but if you're interested you can learn more here.
  • intent - Intents are one of the main things NLP components extract from a message. They are a type of classification. We talk about them in more detail in the handle_message docs.
  • entity - Entities are individual tokens within a message that an NLP component will extract. So for example, a number or some other trained entity specific to your bot (like car models and makes). More info about these can be found in the get_match docs.
  • regex - A regular expression. These are a programming concept used in string matching. In Xip, these are most often used in handle_message and there are docs for their usage.
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