Dev Jumps

Dev Jumps are a feature of Xip that makes you and your team more productive during development. It enables you to jump between flows and states while interacting with your bot. As you develop your bot, you can avoid having to restart the conversation each time.

Dev Jumps will only work while your bot is in the development environment.


You can specify Dev Jumps in one of three ways:

  1. Flow and state.

  2. Just a flow name.

  3. Just a state name.

You can text these at any time to your bot.

Flow and State


This will immediately step to the flow_name and state_name that you specified.

Flow Name


This will jump the the first state declared in the FlowMap for the flow.

State Name


This will jump to specified state_name within the current flow.

Note the double forward slash //. This is essentially because the flow_name has been explicitly omitted.